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Linux Client Installation


Worksnaps client version 1.1.20140511 or newer runs on both 64-bit or 32-bit Java environment. On a 64-bit Linux system, 64-bit Java environment is preferred. Therefore, if you are using 64-bit Linux, please check that the default Java is 64-bit. You can do so by executing command "java -version" and check whether the output contains wording of "64-bit". Usually, 64-bit Java environment is the default on 64-bit Linux systems.

If you are upgrading Worksnaps Client

You can remove the current installation directory ("Worksnaps" directory) first by executing command "rm -rf Worksnaps".
Then you can move on to the next step.

Install and Configure Worksnaps
  • Download the Worksnaps Client package. The package is in zip format.
  • With the user login that is going to use the Worksnaps Client, run the command "unzip WSClient_linux_<version>.zip" to unzip the package. You should be able to see a directory "Worksnaps" created.
  • Execute command "cd Worksnaps/bin"
  • Execute command "chmod +x"
  • Launch the Worksnaps Client by executing command "./"
    (Note: please do not click any Jar file to launch the program.)

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